Web and FTP stats are usually provided in the standard web hosting service. They'll reveal to you how your websites behave with regards to popularity and visits, which will help you develop various sections or change a marketing campaign. There are many pieces of software via which you can keep track of the traffic to a site and while a number of them are more thorough, there's a fundamental amount of information which they all show. This includes the everyday and the monthly visits, the referrer - i.e. if the visits came directly or via a third-party site, the most visited webpages, etcetera. This type of data can offer you an idea of where most of the traffic comes from or which pages are more preferred, so you can take steps and fix the content on the other pages or start promoting in another way, in order to bring up the amount of visitors and the time they remain on the website. Consequently, this will permit you to increase your profits.

Web & FTP Statistics in Cloud Web Hosting

We'll provide you with thorough statistics for all of the Internet sites hosted in your account on our cloud platform, so you will be able to keep tabs on the visitors for every domain or subdomain that you have. All cloud web hosting plans offer 2 highly effective traffic monitoring apps – Webalizer and AWStats which you will be able to access through your Hepsia CP. They will ensure that you get incredibly detailed information using graphs and tables - you'll see the first and the last webpage visited, the most visited pages, the unique and the returning visitors, the most downloaded files, the referrer sites, the IP addresses of the visitors and the locations they come from, plus more. Per hour, everyday and monthly statistics are offered, so you're able to see how each of your websites is doing. We even have real-time stats, so you can see the number of site visitors and their IPs/countries at any time.

Web & FTP Statistics in Semi-dedicated Servers

The 2 traffic-monitoring apps that come with our semi-dedicated hosting plans - AWStats and Webalizer, will give you extremely comprehensive information concerning the behavior of your website visitors, that may in turn help you optimize the website or any marketing campaign you're running. You'll find much more info than just the number of website visitors for a given time frame or the hottest pages, as the programs will also show you the span of time the visitors spent on the site, the most popular landing and exit webpages, or even the keywords used by the visitors to get to your site via search engines. This data will be supplied in graphs and tables and you can look over them via a rather intuitive web interface. As an extra feature, the Hepsia CP will enable you to see the number of website visitors and where they come from in real time.